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Nera Studio

How to create a real grass in AE 2015 | Thinking in a green Universe

Welcome to another After Effects tutorial in this video we gonna learn how to create a realistic grass, from scratch, a quick message to keep a green Universe RECYCLING, this idea came out from a photo i took with my phone tow week ago, and i realized how we can put this alive ANIMATION, in […]

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Nera Studio

Three Way [ Methods ] to animate buterflay and birds in after effects 2015

Hi this is Nera Studio with another After effects 2015, exploring how to animate butterfly and birds in three different options, after been watching youtube videos and creating some other animations, i decided to share with all you guys, and see which one is the better option and gives more chance to speed up our AE projects, also i’ve been using my photoshop custom shapes that you can download on my site, as we see it’s more easy to work with photoshop and after effects, it becomes fast and easy combining or switching between these applications, so please fell free to check out my other tutorials using these shapes and also animating them…