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    Hello welcome to another quick photoshop tutorial, today, we will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Creative Cloud, i suggest you to visit adobe website to see the lates updates, Premiere Pro, and After Effects…

    But today’s tutorial we gonna create a nice Mother’s Day wallpaper, using the couple Photoshop Patterns that we created and uploaded to the site is available
    here on my site NERA STUDIO please feel free to download and start creating your own projects, in this project we just gonna see the way to install the patterns in any version of Adobe Photoshop, also we’ll see how we can apply these patterns…

    Well this idea came out when i create the mother’s day template for after effects, so i decide to share with you, as you know every time we create something we try to create our own material and to site so you can download, all the links down bellow….

    product image screenshots

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