• Como crear un imagen deslizante en adobe flash cs5.5
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  • Bienvenidos a este canal de nera studio (supported by youtube)
    en este tuturial quiero ensenarles como crear un control deslizante en adobe flash cs5.5 pero se puede usar cualquier version de flash cs3,cs4,cs5,cs5.5, hoy veremos como animar un deslizador con codigo de actionscript 3.0

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    High quality Adobe Video Tutorials for web developers and graphic designers art illustration and much more presented by Orlando Neira.


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    1. Your vision and paisson is what inspired Angela and me to seek you to capture the biggest day in our lives. I have watched the trailer you made for us about 100 times now and it moves me every single time I watch it. The music you made for us is beautifully haunting Joel and it really compliments the visuals so perfectly. Your song Keep Calm is a wonderful reminder to us to enjoy each day and each moment as a blessing, and thank God for the gift of this life. Angela and I are so thankful and grateful for your calm heart Joel. You are on the path to greatness, it is my hope that you will not listen to the world but always follow your heart.